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  • Data Analysis related US Patents Classes

    Listed below are featured classes for US Patents related to data analysis. Included in this listing are classes and subclasses related to the processing, measurement, classification, and analysis of data in databases or other systems.

    Data Analysis Related Patents
    Access to contentMeasured signal processing
    Aeronautical vehicleNatural language
    ApplicationObject-oriented database structure
    Automatic route guidance vehicleOf circuit
    Backup, interrupt, reset, or testOrientation or position
    Bill distribution or paymentPatient record management
    Biological or biochemicalPrivileged access
    Calibration or Correction SystemQuerying methods
    Cause or fault identificationRecoverability
    Classification or recognitionRelative Location
    CoherencyRemote supervisory monitoring
    Compatibility emulationSecure transaction
    Computer and peripheral benchmarkingSeismology
    ConcurrencySimulating Electronic Device or Electrical System
    Concurrency control and recoverySimulating Nonelectrical Device or System
    Construction or agricultural-type vehicleSoftware program
    Control of vehicle safety devicesSpeed, acceleration, deceleration
    Copy protection or preventionStaff scheduling or task assignment
    CreditStatistical measurement
    Diagnostic analysisSteering control
    Digital or programmed data processorStructural Design
    Document retrieval systemsSuspension control
    Electrical signal parameter measurement systemSynthesis
    File format conversionTemperature measuring system
    File systemsTraffic analysis or control of surface vehicle
    FinanceTransaction verification
    Garbage collectionTranslation machine
    Having audio or visual route guidanceTransmission control
    Including route searching or determining deviceUnstructured textual data
    Indication or control of brakingUsing distributed data base systems
    Information processing systemsVersion management
    Inventory managementVibration detection
    Knowledge Processing SystemVoice recognition
    Learning methodVoltage or current
    LicensingWeb site content organization and management
    Linear predictionWith data recording device
    MaintenanceWith filtering and personalization
    MarkovWord recognition